Golden Hedgehog


Golden Hedgehog

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Design: Miroslava Felguth


The Eyecatcher! With every move of your wrist, the gold and copper glass beads outshine each other. This bracelet will again and again attract attention and win admiring compliments to you.

Modular design:

This tutorial can be used for 2 bracelets and a necklace:

1) This is the tutorial for one bracelet.

2) The tutorial for the square can be repeated for more squares, which can be joined as described in the part for joins to give you a second bracelet.

3) You can continue the toggle bar to make a necklace.


This tutorial is designed for advanced,  20 pages with 58 graphs and 7 photos. Step by step instructions describe how to make the bracelet.

Level of difficulty: 2 of 3.



Dragon Scale beads

Twin beads

Seed beads, sizes 8 and 15

Miyuki Delica beads, size 11

Within 24 hours of payment, your tutorial in pdf format will be sent to your email account. Among the options for delivery at checkout, please chose free delivery of digital goods.

This is an original and copyrighted tutorial. Copying, sharing it with anyone or selling it is prohibited. You may sell small numbers of the jewellery you made according to this tutorial.


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Kit Golden Hedgehog Kit Golden Hedgehog
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