Geometry, Variant Colorful, Technique Peytwist


Geometry, Variant Colorful, Technique Peytwist

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Design by Miroslava Felguth
Adapted for Peyote with a Twist by Gerlinde Lenz
Technique ´Peyote with a Twist – not crochet´ by Gerlinde Lenz

This pattern requires previous experience with patterned ropes in ´Peyote with a twist - not crochet´.


Free tutorial for technique Peytwist by Gerlinde Lenz (Peyote with a twist) can be found in the Facebook group "Peyote with a twist - not crochet.

To the group

Your pattern comes with materials list and word chart.

The pattern is for the rope, not for the clasp.

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This pattern is intended for private use only. It is not allowed to copy this pattern for selling, as a gift or for teaching purposes. 
You may sell jewelry that you made following this pattern. If you want to show the necklace in the internet or of you want to sell it, please give the following reference: Design by Miroslava Felguth.  

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