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Design by Miroslava Felguth
Technique ´Peyote with a Twist – not crochet´ by Gerlinde Lenz
Free tutorial for technique Peytwist by Gerlinde Lenz (Peyote with a twist) can be found in the Facebook group "Peyote with a twist - not crochet.
This necklace with 4 colors is perfect for any outfits. Without its clasp, this peyote rope is about 45 cm (17 3/4”) long, it has a diameter of approx. 14 mm (9/16”), a circumference of 28 beads and a double seam column.
17-page PDF tutorial includes:
  • material list with color numbers
  • color chart with labels
  • word chart
  • graphics for rows 1 - 4 in peyote stitch
  • graphics for sewing in Swarovski bicone
  • double column seam closure with photos and graphics
  • graphics and word chart for squaring off the start and end of the peyote rope
Miyuki seed beads 15/0 in four colours
Swarovski bicone
Beading needle
You can download the pattern immediately after the payment. It is no refund for pattern.
This pattern is intended for private use only. It is not allowed to copy this pattern for selling, as a gift or for teaching purposes.
You may sell necklace that you made following this pattern in small quantities. If you want to show the necklace in internet or if you want to sell it, please give the following reference: Design by Miroslava Felguth.
The color in the photo can differ slightly from the original color.


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Urania, Kit, Necklace, Peytwist Urania, Kit, Necklace, Peytwist
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